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Worldwide Activities

With the Infrastructure Support Business (ISB), which comprehensively covers building and operating social infrastructures, at its core, Doosan constantly pursues change and innovation, and improve the quality of life for people and communities around the world.

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  • WinDS 3000, a 3MW-class wind power generator

    Efforts to Clean the Earth

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has posted continuous achievements in the eco-friendly power industry field of the future.
    Doosan completed the development of the WinDS 3000, a 3MW-class wind power generator, on its own and became the first Korean company to win international certification for a 3MW-class wind power system. At the leading edge of high-efficiency, eco-friendly power technology, Doosan is also spearheading low-carbon power technology, including Doosan Babcock’s oxy-fuel combustion technology, and the Taean integrated gasification combined cycle thermal power plant.

  • The phase 3 project of the Shuaibah seawater desalination plant Crankshafts Oil-fired boilers

    Efforts to Produce World Best Products

    To date, fourteen products of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction have made the list of World Best Products, winning the company recognition for its top-notch technology. These include a seawater desalination plant, a crankshaft for large ships, a commercial steam generator and a forged backup rolls for plate rolling mill.

  • Employees of Doosan Babcock Employees of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Doosan Babcock

    Global Network

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has built up a global network of subsidiaries, branches and research centers in 34 cities in 19 countries worldwide.
    By acquiring a number of overseas subsidiaries through M&As over the past ten years, the Company has secured core fundamental technologies while establishing a global production system, thereby achieving outstanding results based on their harmonious inter-operation.

  • Commissioning for the generator of Sin-Boryeong thermal power plants 1

    Eco-friendly, High-efficiency
    Shin-Boryeong Thermal Power Plant

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has earned recognition for its technological excellence and competiveness by conducting diverse power plant projects in Korea and overseas.
    Sin-boryeong Thermal Power Plants 1 and 2, for which Doosan signed a contract to supply boilers, turbines and generators in 2013, are eco-friendly, high-efficiency coal-fired thermal power plants(1000MW X 2 units) using the ultra supercritical method, which Doosan developed for the first time with homegrown technology in Korea.

  • The Shin-Kori nuclear power plants 3 and 4 The nuclear Reactor for Shin-Kori nuclear power Plants 3

    3rd Generation Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Plants 3 and 4

    Shin-kori Nuclear Power Plants 3 and 4 are the first project to adopt the APR1400, the third-generation Korean standard nuclear reactor model that Korea developed with homegrown technology. The APR1400, for which Doosan supplies the core materials and equipment, comes with an advanced capacity of 1400MW, is designed to cut power generation costs by 10 percent compared with the OPR1000 (the Korean standard nuclear reactor), and boasts a reactor lifespan that has been increased by 20 years, among other advantages.
    Shin-kori Nuclear Power Plants 5 and 6, a project acquired by Doosan in 2014, will also adopt the APR1400 in recognition of its enhanced safety and economy.

  • Mundra Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant in India

    Mundra Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant in India

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is constructing coal-fired thermal power plants in countries worldwide and supplying core materials and equipment. Doosan successfully completed the Mundra coal-fired thermal power plant, an ultra-large 4000MW-class power plant that supplies electricity to five states in India, demonstrating anew its capacity to implement EPC projects to the global market.

  • Doosan VINA and Chung-Ang University medical center conduct medical volunteer service in Vietnam Doosan Babcock supporting Food bank DPSI supporting elementary school in India

    Global CSR Activities

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is conducting diverse CSR activities for people of the Global Village, including living environment improvement projects, as well as providing educational opportunities around the world. Doosan is making concerted efforts to make the Earth a brighter and cleaner place to live.

  • Doosan VINA and Chung-Ang University medical center conduct medical volunteer service in Vietnam Doosan Babcock supporting Food bank

    Global Leader in Major Nuclear Equipment

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, the Korea’s nuclear plant equipment manufacturing specialist, has the advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce the highest quality equipment. Doosan has exported main equipment to the United States, the origin of nuclear technology, as well as to China, the world’s largest market. By participating in the nuclear power plant project in the UAE, Korea’s first export of nuclear reactors in the region, Doosan has proven itself to be a global leader in the market. Furthermore, by successfully completing the main work of a project to replace a steam generator in 2014, Doosan emerged as the first Korean player to secure core technology.

  • Mong Duong 2 coal-fired thermal power plant. Doosan Vina’s manufacturing plant

    Spearheading the Coal-fired Power Plant Market

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction advanced into Vietnam in 1995, and is operating Doosan Vina, the overseas manufacturing factory, thus contributing to the development of the Vietnamese economy.
    Doosan has so far won a total of five power plant projects with a combined value of KRW 6 trillion in Vietnam, including the Mong Duong 2, Vinh Tan 4, and Song Hau 1 coal-fired thermal power plant.
    Doosan plans to consolidate its leadership not only in the Vietnamese power market, which amounts to about 30GW, by 2020, but also in the Asian market including India, Thailand, and Malaysia.

  • Ras Al Khair desalination plant Great Billing water treatment plant Employees of Doosan in Ras Al Khair desalination plant’s construction sites

    Global Leader in Water Business

    As one of the leading providers of water solutions, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides total water solutions, including desalination plants as well as water & wastewater treatment systems and plants.
    With the largest market share in the thermal desalination field by installed capacity, Doosan has proven itself to be a global leader by completing the Fujairah Plant, the world’s first hybrid desalination plant, Kuwait’s first Shuwaikh RO desalination plant and the Jeddah RO Phase 3 plant, the largest RO plant in the Middle East.

  • Rabigh 2 thermal power plant

    Achieve 50 Million Safe Man Hours

    Considering the safety of Doosan employees as its top priority, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is making all-out efforts to create a safe and clean work environment at all of its worksites.
    Doosan’s Rabigh office in Saudi Arabia achieved 50 million safe man-hours in January 2015, thus achieving the longest duration of accident-free operation among the global projects Doosan has conducted, and the longest period of accident-free operation among power plant construction projects in the world.

  • releasing the desalinated water evaporator for Ras Al Khair

    World’s Biggest Evaporator

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction manufactured and released the world’s biggest desalinated water evaporator with the dimensions (123m (length) x 33.7m (breadth) x 115m (height) of a football stadium, providing desalinated water for approximately 0.3 million people daily. The project period was drastically reduced by supplying the evaporator to the site completely assembled.

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Brand Cues

Brand Cues

Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.



Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction ‘s CSR is centered around three axes; “People Oriented,” “Trusted Operation” and “Responsible Engagement” for sustainable growth.

Products & Services

Products & Services

We fabricate cast and forged materials, and supply power generation facilities, desalination plants, environmental plants and material handling systems.

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