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Working at Doosan

A company worth working for! The growth of the company through the growth of each individual, and vice versa - that is Doosan's core management strategy.

HR System

Our personnel management system primarily consists with recruiting the right people for Doosan, cultivation, placement, evaluation and compensation. The proper implementation of this system motivates our employees to be focused on the company’s business strategies and achieve excellent results.

Cultivating People

Our “2G” strategy (corporate growth through personal growth) is the basis of our human resources development program. The program is divided into six main areas with a focus on promoting business alliances and driving performance.

Welfare and Benefits

We provide a wide range of welfare and employee benefits to improve the quality of life of our employees. Believing that the best work performance can only be achieved when our employees are fully satisfied with their life, we put a healthy and enriching life of individual employees ahead of other things.

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