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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is one of the leading providers of seawater desalination solutions. Our proven portfolio of Multi-Stage Flash (MSF), Multi-Effect Distillation (MED), and Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies enables us to deliver reliable and cost-effective turnkey solutions with the shortest lead times in the industry. We continue to expand into various sectors of the water market as we pursue our vision of becoming a global leader in water.

Water Treatment Plant

수처리 플랜트

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has outstanding capabilities in cutting-edge membrane technologies such as Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) and Reverse Osmosis (RO), as well as in recycling through sludge retreatment and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). This enables us to deliver sustainable and optimized total water solutions for all segments of water business.

Doosan Enpure : Water Treatment Plant (English)

Related Products

  • Drinking Water Systems

    Drinking Water Systems

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides specialized water treatment systems that meet the strict drinking water requirements in order to cater to diverse customer needs for safe water.

    Doosan Enpure : Drinking Water Systems (English)

  • Industrial Water Solutions

    Industrial Water Solutions

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides water solutions for the production of top-quality pure and ultrapure water. The company’s high-quality, customized water production systems are used in power plants and other industries, such as oil refining and petrochemical, semiconductor, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

    Doosan Enpure : Industrial Water Solutions (English)

  • Sewage Treatment and Reuse

    Sewage Treatment and Reuse

    As a leader in sewage treatment, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides customized solutions, ranging from simple primary treatment systems to advanced systems that use the membrane process, thereby enabling customers to produce water of the desired quality.

    Doosan Enpure : Sewage Treatment and Reuse (English)

  • 발전/산업폐수 처리

    Wastewater Solutions

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides solutions for stable and effective pollutant removal and wastewater recycling for all types of industrial wastewater including recalcitrant wastewater. Many customers benefit from these solutions with regard to environmental issues, operating costs and waste disposal.

    Doosan Enpure : Wastewater Solutions (English)

  • Wastewater Solutions

    Sludge Treatment and Resource Recycling

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction takes the initiative in mitigating environmental problems and improving economic efficiency by providing environment-friendly recycling systems that facilitate the reduction and stabilization of sludge as well as utilize gas generated from power and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

    Doosan Enpure : Sludge Treatment and Resource Recycling (English)

  • Water treatment package

    Water treatment package

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides systematized water treatment packages that can process various types of raw water based on its many years of R&D and its advanced technological capabilities. Doosan’s advanced technological prowess can be found in water treatment packages customized to diverse environments, such as ZLD, Doosan Enflo-DAF ™, sonix ™, and LENA ™.

    Zero liquid discharge (ZLD)

    The Zero liquid discharge is an advanced technology that recovers high-purity water and minimizes discharged waste water, by treating waste water. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has developed a high-efficiency facility for zero waste water discharge that applies a membrane and an evaporator, based on its world-class technological prowess in the existing water treatment field. Customers in diverse industrial fields can construct an eco-friendly plant that minimizes water resource waste and environmental pollution, by reducing waste water discharge to the minimum extent, using the zero discharge facilities of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.

    Doosan Enflo-DAF™

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides the DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) process applicable to many aspects of water treatment based on its advanced technological capabilities. Doosan’s DAF technology is highly appreciated by customers in various fields around the world due to its high quality, which is the result of know-how accumulated over many years.


    As an Ultrasonic solubilization device, sonixTM uses ultrasound at 20kHz to enhance the solubility of organic sludge or other organic waste using cavitation. This not only maximizes sludge reduction in aerobic and anaerobic digestion ponds, but it also reduces sludge bulking and foam formation during wastewater treatment, while enhancing the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous when used with the Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) process.


    Low Energy No Aeration (LENA) Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR) achieve energy efficiency and membrane performance enhancement by effectively reducing pollutants, using the inertial force generated by shaking the membrane module from side to side, as a solution to energy intensive air cleaning.

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Brand Cues

Brand Cues

Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.

Global Performances

Global Performances

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction plays a significant role in driving the nation's economic development by supplying casting and forging products for industrial facilities, power generation facilities for nuclear and thermal plants, desalination plants as well as material handling systems to domestic and global plant markets.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction strives to become a company respected by communities through a blueprint that can enhance community competitiveness while establishing Doosan’s social contribution identity that instills pride in Doosan people.

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