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New Business Portfolio

Wind Power Business Vision

As the sole company in Korea to hold a track record in the field of commercial offshore wind farms, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is a total solution provider that offers solutions tailored to customers’ needs and whose expertise covers all stages, starting from business development, which includes site selection for wind farms, wind analyses and feasibility studies, to equipment procurement, EPC work and O&M services.

  • Wind Farm Project Development

    Wind Farm Project Development

  • O&M Service and Technology Transfers

    O&M Service and Technology Transfers

  • EPC Experience in Onshore & Offshore

    EPC Experience in Onshore & Offshore

  • Quality Assurance & Production Management

    Quality Assurance & Production Management

  • Validated Products & Reliable Operations Backed by Technology

    Validated Products & Reliable Operations Backed by Technology

  • Optimal Wind Farm Design & Engineering

    Optimal Wind Farm Design & Engineering


Wind Power Model Line-up

After accomplishing the feat of developing Korea’s first on/offshore wind turbine WinDS3000, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction developed the WinDS3300 and WinDS5500, and it is now developing a large capacity 8MW offshore model, the DS205-8MW.

Wind Power Model Line-up Wind Power Model Line-up


  • WinDS3000, 3300 : Suitable for the areas of low wind and applicable to both on/offshore.
  • WinDS5500 : High-efficiency model suitable for the areas with strong wind and specialized for offshore.
  • DS205-8MW : Large capacity model specialized for offshore wind farms in low wind areas
  • Doosan’s standard quality assurance and optimization solution can be applied based on the company’s accumulated experience in the power sector.

Power Curve

Power Curve Power Curve

System Specification

Model Win
(on/offshore) (offshore)
Rated Power 3,000kW 3,300kW 5,560kW 8,000kW
Class S S IB IB
Cut-in Wind Speed 3m/s 3m/s 3.5m/s 3.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed 10m/s 10.7m/s 13m/s 11m/s
Cut-out Wind Speed 20m/s 20m/s 25m/s 25m/s
Rotor Diameter 134m 134m 140m 205m
Extreme Survival Wind Speed 59.5m/s 59.5m/s 70m/s 70m/s
* Estimated

Track Record

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has a track record of having supplied a total of 79 units of wind turbines, adding up to be a total generation capacity of about 240MW, across Korea, including the Jeju island and West Coast.

Track Record Track Record
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Wind Farms in Domestic Market 1,571.215MW : 106 sites / 717 units
Doosan’s Wind Power Track Record 239.5MW : 79 units