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Introduction of Gas Turbine Products

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is creating a product line-up that encompasses small to large-size gas turbines.
Doosan aims to continuously develop new globally competitive products and environment-friendly products, such as hydrogen gas turbines.

Korea’s First H-Class 60Hz Gas Turbine Model

DGT6-300H S1

  • 270MWSimple Cycle
  • > 40%Net Simple
    Cycle Efficiency
  • > 60%Net Combined-Cycle Efficiency
  • 12minsStart-up Time
  • 40MW/minRamp Rate

H+ Class Gas Turbine

DGT6-300H S2

  • 380MWSimple Cycle
  • > 43%Net Simple
    Cycle Efficiency
  • > 63%Net Combined-Cycle Efficiency
  • 12minsStart-up Time
  • 50MW/minRamp Rate

90MW Medium-Size Gas Turbine for
Flexibly Meeting Load Balancing Requirements


  • 90MWSimple Cycle
  • > 39%Net Simple
    Cycle Efficiency
  • 10minsStart-up Time
  • 20MW/minRamp Rate

Small-Size Gas Turbine Operable on Lower Heating Value (LHV) Fuel


  • 5MWSimple Cycle
  • > 29%Net Simple
    Cycle Efficiency

Basic Concept of Gas Turbines for Power Generation

The gas turbine used for power generation is a type of rotary heat engine that is activated by high pressure, high temperature gas to produce mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy by the generator connected to the turbine. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) emits comparatively less fine particulate matter(PM 2.5), about one-ninth of that emitted by the burning of coal, and the emission level of atmospheric pollutants, such as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, is also about just one-third of that emitted by coal, revealing just how environment-friendly LNG is as a fuel.

Gas Turbine Services

Being a company that holds gas turbine manufacturing capabilities, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has a gas turbine services shop set up at its Changwon plant. Working together with the US-based subsidiary Doosan Turbomachinery Services, we have positioned ourselves as a total solutions provider for gas turbine services.

  • GT Long-Term Services

    GT Long-Term Services
    • Long Term Parts Supply
    • Technical Advisory Service
    • Periodic Overhaul
    • O&M Support
    • On-Site Engineers
  • Uprate Program

    Uprate Program
  • GT Repair Services

    GT Repair Services
    • Overhaul of Hot Parts
    • Repairs of Gas Turbine Rotors
    • Repairs of Large-Scale Structures in Gas Turbines
    • Manufacturing & Maintenance of Main Components, e.g. rotors.

Infrastructure for Gas Turbine Development

As part of our efforts to develop gas turbines that boast of high-efficiency and high-reliability, we are working in collaboration with numerous engineering and R&D specialists around the world. We have over eight technology cooperation groups set up worldwide and are engaged in joint development efforts with 22 local universities and government-funded research centers.

Infrastructure for Gas Turbine Development Infrastructure for Gas Turbine Development
  • Technology Cooperation Group
  • Gas Turbine R&D Center
8Technology Cooperation Groups
22Local Universities & Government-Funded Research Centers

Manufacturing & Testing Infrastructure

In order to provide world-class gas turbines to our clients, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has manufacturing and testing facilities set up at its Changwon Plant. Our production system consists of a turbine/generator shop and hot parts shop, and we also have a top-notch full-speed full-load test shop set up at our Changwon complex, where we conduct overall performance tests on our gas turbines.

Turbine/Generator Shops Hot Parts Shop Full Speed Full Load Test Shop

Turbine/Generator Shops

Hot Parts Shop

Full Speed Full Load Test Shop