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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction owns core technologies and ongoing performance with the three core components of the power generation business - boilers, turbines and generators. Doosan is also making substantial inroads into the eco-friendly power generation business including wind power, ESS (Energy Storage System) and microgrid.

Renewable Energy

신재생 에너지

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is making efforts to clean the earth by concentrating on the development of technologies that maximize energy efficiency, such as power generation systems that use energy sources other than fossil fuels, i.e. wind and solar power, energy storage systems, and micro-grids.

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    Wind Power

    Doosan has accumulated extensive know-how as a specialist in power generation facilities over the past 40 years, and has leveraged these competencies to develop the WinDS3000, 3300 and WinDS5500 and is developing an 8MW+ model especially for offshore wind farm projects. These models offer strong reliability and availability, ease of maintenance and service, and low cost of electricity production. Through system optimization, we have achieved both outstanding reliability and excellence in operational and maintenance efficiency.

    • Optimal aerodynamic design for both performance increase and load reduction
    • Advanced blade materials for minimum weight
    • Turbine design together with thorough component testing to prove machine life
    • Innovative drive train design to improve reliability
    • Low maintenance with permanent magnet generator
    • Grid-friendly characteristics with full power converte
    • Wind Power Brochure
    • Wind Power PR Video
  • 에너지저장장치/마이크로그리드

    Energy Storage System / Microgrid

    ESS (Energy Storage System) is a technology that stores electricity produced from renewable energy sources or from the existing power grid in a battery for use at a later time when needed. The technology can manage peak demand, provide frequency regulation, stabilize the output of renewable energy generation, and enhance power quality. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers optimized ESS that is designed to meet customers’ needs, based on its’ proprietary ESS control system software technology.
    A microgrid is a discrete energy system that provides electric power for a specific region or facility by integrating with distributed energy resources (e.g., solar and wind power) and ESS. In addition to offering control system software, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers total solutions for the microgrid that are strongly competitive, as the company holds proprietary technologies for the integration, monitoring and control of distributed energy resources, an integral part of the microgrid.

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is expanding its business portfolio by constructing and operating ESS + solar power plants based on ESS technology.

    • ESS & Microgrid Brochure
    • ESS & Microgrid PR Video

    Doosan GridTech (English)

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Brand Cues

Brand Cues

Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.

Global Performances

Global Performances

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction plays a significant role in driving the nation's economic development by supplying casting and forging products for industrial facilities, power generation facilities for nuclear and thermal plants, desalination plants as well as material handling systems to domestic and global plant markets.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction strives to become a company respected by communities through a blueprint that can enhance community competitiveness while establishing Doosan’s social contribution identity that instills pride in Doosan people.

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