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    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction owns core technologies and ongoing performance with the three core components of the power generation business - boilers, turbines and generators. Doosan is also making substantial inroads into the eco-friendly power generation business including wind power, ESS (Energy Storage System) and microgrid.

    Green Energy

    Green Energy Green Energy

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction contributes to making the Earth cleaner by developing technologies that maximize power generating efficiency (superconductor-based generators, ultra-super-critical pulverized coal thermal power plant) and are not dependent on fossil fuels (wind power), as well as technologies that remove harmful substances from exhaust gases (post carbon capture, pure oxygen combustion) and maximize the energy efficiency (ESS, microgrid).

    Related Products

    • Wind Power

      Wind Power

      Harnessing its experience, know-how and world-renowned technology in the power plant industry, Doosan was the first in Korea to develop 3MW wind power generation systems for both onshore and offshore sites. With continuous R&D, Doosan aims to grow into a global leader in spearheading green growth.

      • - Blade designs are aerodynamically and structurally optimized for high performance and reliability
      • - Integrated drive train technology to reduce nacelle weight and size
      • - Compact and highly reliable gearbox utilizes flexible pins
      • - High efficiency and high reliability Permanent Magnetic Generator
      • - Grid-friendly Full Power Converter with LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) capabilities
      • - Innovative maintenance cranes, remote system monitoring and diagnostics features
      • - Wind turbine monitoring and wind farm control via remote internet access
      • - Isolated cooling system to prevent corrosion in offshore environments
      DOOSAN WIND TURBINE WinDS3000 ™ (English Brochure)
    • Ultra Super Critical Pulverized Coal Thermal Power Plant

      Ultra Super Critical Pulverized Coal Thermal Power Plant

      1000MW ultra-supercritical pulverized coal thermal power plants are next-generation power systems suitable for responding to increased fuel prices and environmental regulations that become stricter than ever. Having successfully developed its proprietary technology needed to design and manufacture the main equipment for the world’s top-level highly-efficient, environment-friendly 1000MW-grade USC power generation system, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is currently undertaking a demonstration of Shin-Boryeong units 1 and 2, with the aim of meeting its 2016 COD (Commercial Operation Date) target.

      • - Large-scale boilers equipped with low-NOx combustion systems
      • - Turbines and generators with new aerodynamic design such as 45-inch last stage blades
    • Post Carbon Capture Technology

      Post Carbon Capture Technology

      Post carbon capture technology selectively captures carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel combustion emissions (nitrogen, CO2, H2O, oxygen, etc), and is highly effective in eliminating carbon dioxide, the major cause of the greenhouse effect.

      • - Understand solvent characteristics involving the use of different types of coal
      • - Win feed study undertakings for the European market
    • Pure Oxygen Combustion Technology

      Pure Oxygen Combustion Technology

      Oxy-Fuel Combustion is the process of burning coals using oxygen instead of air to discharge most exhaust gases as carbon dioxide, thus maximizing the capture efficiency of carbon dioxide. This process is also effective in reducing emissions of exhaust gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and mercury. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions of the earth by expediting the commercialization of Oxy-Fuel Combustion technology.

      • - Oxy-fuel technology development Full-scale oxy-fuel burner demonstration project Goal: MBTF backfitting and 40 MWt oxy-fuel burner demonstration
      • - 100 MW oxy-fuel demonstration plant Oxy-fuel boiler technology development Goal: Participate in the government-led project to build a 100 MW demonstration plant
    • Superconducting Generator/Motor

      Superconducting Generator/Motor

      The application of superconductors having zero electric resistance at very low temperature, the superconducting generators and motors improve efficiency and dramatically reduce weight and size compared with copper generators and motors. Once developed, this superconducting generator/motor technology will become a key technological engine behind Doosan’s accelerated green growth. The technology will overcome the limitations of conventional rotary machines and will be used not only in large-scale wind power generation but also in eco-friendly ship propulsion.

    • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

      Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

      Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) is a technology that uses gasification process to turn coal, bio-mass and other heavy residual oil into synthesis gas for combined cycle generation fuel. What makes coal-based IGCC power plants different from other conventional power plants is that the former features gasification plants that turn coal into clean gas. The gasification process can not only generate electricity but also produce a variety of products, including chemical feedstock, hydrogen, synthetic natural gas and synthetic oil, depending on downstream facilities and process configuration changes.

    • Supercritical CO2 Waste Heat Recovery System image

      Supercritical CO2 Waste Heat Recovery System

      Supercritical CO2 Waste Heat Recovery System is an advanced eco-friendly technology, converting waste heat generated from various industrial processes to electricity. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction partnered with Echogen Power Systems to provide high-efficiency 1~20MW waste heat recovery systems and related services, applicable across cement, steel, diesel generation, incinerator and many other industries.

      • - Non-flammable, non-toxic, safe, and easily procured carbon dioxide used as working fluid
      • - Highly durable due to absence of turbine erosion and start-up time shortened by 50% compared to traditional steam turbines
      • - Delivery within 12~18 months and 50% smaller footprint compared to existing waste heat recovery equipment as the system is installed in a container-sized skid and neither a separate turbine building nor a water treatment facility is required
      • - Zero water plant by configuring carbon dioxide compatible air-cooled condenser
      • - Remote monitoring and automated system based on plant ICT know-how available to minimize operation cost
    • Energy Storage System / Microgrid Images

      Energy Storage System / Microgrid

      ESS (Energy Storage System) is a technology that stores electricity produced from renewable energy sources or from the existing power grid in a battery for use at a later time when needed. The technology can manage peak demand, provide frequency regulation, stabilize the output of renewable energy generation, and enhance power quality. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers optimized ESS that is designed to meet customers’ needs, based on its’ proprietary ESS control system software technology.
      A microgrid is a discrete energy system that provides electric power for a specific region or facility by integrating with distributed energy resources (e.g., solar and wind power) and ESS. In addition to offering control system software, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers total solutions for the microgrid that are strongly competitive, as the company holds proprietary technologies for the integration, monitoring and control of distributed energy resources, an integral part of the microgrid.

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