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  • Water R&D
  • Central Research Center
  • Boiler R&D
  • Turbines/Generators R&D
  • Nuclear R&D
  • Castings & Forgings R&D
  • Water R&D
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    Water R&D

    Our Global R&D Centers (Korea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UK, USA) are staffed by research personnel with multinational backgrounds who strive to explore new growth engines in water treatment technologies while maintaining our leading position in MSF, MED and RO desalination plant markets.

    • Water Treatment Technology Development

      Water Treatment Technology Development

      Water treatment systems developed by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction include, among others, advanced wastewater treatment systems, high-efficiency water reuse systems and reverse osmosis-based and thermal Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems. We also attach importance to future technology development using Forward Osmosis (FO) process as well as new and renewable energy.

      • - Eco-friendly process including ZLD systems
      • - High-efficiency water reuse technologies
      • - Low-energy MBR technologies
      • - Sludge treatment technologies
      • - Future desalination systems and water treatment
    • RO Technology Development

      RO Technology Development

      We are developing new pretreatment technologies and key Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies for low-energy, low-cost and high efficiency RO desalination processes. Also, we are researching design, construction, and operation & maintenance technology for process optimization.

      • - New pretreatment system technologies
      • - Improvement of the efficiency of existing pretreatment systems
      • - Technologies for optimal operation & maintenance of desalination processes
      • - Design and construction technologies for large-capacity desalination plants
    • Thermal Desalination Technology Development

      Thermal Desalination Technology Development

      As a global leader in Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) and Multi-Effect Distillation (MED), Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is focusing on the development of high energy efficient desalination solutions and utilization of renewable energy.

      • - High Efficient, Large Capacity MED/MSF
      • - Design Optimization of MED/MSF Evaporator
      • - Solar-Desalination Technology
      • - Thermal-Membrane Hybrid Desalination