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  • Central Research Center
  • Boiler R&D
  • Turbines/Generators R&D
  • Nuclear R&D
  • Castings & Forgings R&D
  • Water R&D
  • Central Research Center
  • Boiler R&D
  • Turbines/Generators R&D
  • Nuclear R&D
  • Castings & Forgings R&D
  • Water R&D
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    Central Research Center

    We provide technical solutions for strengthening the fundamental competitiveness of each BG, while also reinforcing platform technology development to boost synergy among BGs. In addition, we focus on exploring new product and technology opportunities as well as ways to put them into commercial applications.

    • Materials Technology Development

      Materials Technology Development

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction develops energy materials used in power generation plants such as nuclear plants, coal-fired thermal plants and gas turbines, as well as work rolls, mold & tool steel and other industrial components. We strive to develop world-class material engineering solutions, including large-scale ultra-clean steel that uses special refining technology, integrated forgings for pressure vessels which are key components of nuclear power plants, and life cycle assessment technology based on the evaluation of material characteristics. We are recently focusing on the development of high-temperature material, investment casting process for heavy duty gas turbines, In addition, functional materials such as Nano materials and powder material for 3D printing are being researched to strengthen our business competitiveness as well as identify new growth engines.

    • New Process Technology Development

      Advanced Process Technology Development

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction develops technologies suited to the company’s products and production sites with a focus on welding process/automation, surface treatment, non-destructive testing and special process. We maximize welding productivity with the development of automation devices for ultra-narrow gap welding and high-efficiency cladding & welding and develop inspection/maintenance equipment for damage repair services to extend life of nuclear power plants. As nuclear power plants come to the end of their operating lives, we develop technologies for decontamination and decommissioning of main equipment as well as closure of nuclear plants and we also strive to develop heat-shielding coating systems to apply to blades, a key element of high-efficiency gas turbines.

    • Heat & Fluid Research

      Heat & Fluid Research

      We conduct research on heat transfer performance improvement and fluid flow control technologies that form the basis of product development and design in the areas of energy conversion/transfer/usage systems, fluid machinery and environmental facilities by applying specialized knowledge in heat and mass transfer and fluid dynamics. In heat transfer performance improvement, we are working on the development of heat exchanger design technology using methods that optimize heating surface and resolve 2-phase flow instability in working fluid circulation. In fluid dynamics control, we are developing in-house CFD codes and an analysis model in order to secure thermal flow behaviors in turbine/boiler combustion in a precise and timely manner.

    • Structure/Vibration Research

      Structure/Vibration Research

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is researching technologies needed to optimize and improve reliability of structures, including service life evaluation for structures, thermal-structural coupled field analysis, elasticity/plasticity analysis, structural vibration/rotor vibration/fluid induced vibration analysis and vibration/noise diagnosis and control. Our recent research focuses on evaluation and optimal design for life of boiler pressure part, plant operation time reduction and fluid induced vibration convergence analysis, along with technologies used to diagnose and evaluate vibration and noise generated on plant work sites.

    • System Engineering Research

      System Engineering Research

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is researching system engineering technologies needed in determining design criteria for reliable operation of plants with minimum price and optimal performance during the lifespan of plants. Our recent research focuses on the development and consolidation of main equipment design tools in order to enhance technical competitiveness and synergy of the company’s EPC projects and main facility projects. These tools can be used to forecast plant performance and analyze and optimize dynamic characteristics by checking plant performance and operational reliability from the plant perspective at the design phase.

    • Control System Research

      Control System Research

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is researching control systems and Instrumentation & Control (I&C) known to be the brain and nerve system of nuclear, thermal, renewable energy and desalination plants. Based on the technology to design hardware and software that comprise control systems, various plant applications are explored to realize “Smart Plant,” the ultimate goal of the company. Having already performed a successful installation of new developed integrated monitoring & control system for 500 MW thermal power plants, we aim to lead the global plant control system and I&C markets by expanding the application of the technology to other types of power plants, including nuclear, desalination and renewable energy power plants.

    • Process Control Research

      Process Control Research

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction develops control algorithms for the thermal power plant main equipment and optimal tuning technologies for the stable operation and the advanced control performance. We also research optimizer solutions for the improved power plant operation with an efficiency based on the modern control theory and ICT convergence technology. We develop the simulator with high fidelity to verify the control performance and improve the commissioning procedure by using the plant simulation technology. Our in-house developed technologies are planned to expand into areas, including CCPP(Combined Cycle Power Plant), desalination plants and new and renewable energy. As realization of Smart Power Plant in that way, we contribute to our company’s global competitiveness and additional value creation.

    • Water Technology Research

      Water Technology Research

      Our platform technology R&D aims to improve the efficiency, operational performance, cost reduction for seawater desalination as well as water treatment plants while our new technology R&D is designed to secure new growth engines in water.
      R&D activities involves building a water quality database for the optimization of plant design and operation, assessment of material corrosion properties caused by seawater and membrane fouling diagnosis and reduction. R&D is carried out to improve the product competitiveness and plant operational efficiency based on ensuring our systematized research for improving the performance/capability of existing products

    • Software Development

      Software Development

      Information and communications technology (ICT) is often used to refer to the convergence of information technologies and communications technologies, enabling users to access, store, transmit and manipulate information. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction endeavors to strengthen its product and business competitiveness as well as explore new business areas by utilizing ICTs in power and water industries. We are working on a technology that can utilize our big data-based data management system in design improvement along with research on remote monitoring services (RMS) to monitor and quickly address issues relating to the operation of power plants using operational data received from the plants in real time. We also carry out R&D on optimizer for the management of efficiency and lifespan of plants.