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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction enables the stable operation of power plants and increases customer value by developing and utilizing advanced digital solutions.

Predictive diagnostics solutions

  • PreVision


    PreVision is Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction’s solution for the predictive diagnosis of power plant failure. It can detect signs of failure and diagnose the causes by learning power plant operation data. PreVision is a differentiated solution developed by combining the self-development capability of machine learning software technology and main equipment design technology. It can be applied to major power generation facilities, and can also be universally applied to diverse facilities. Customers who are using PreVision to monitor and detect abnormal signs at their major facilities are able to operate them in a stable manner by preventing failure in advance. 

  • DOOVES 2.0

    DOOVES 2.0

    Doosan’s Vibration Expert System (DOOVES) is an abnormal vibration detection and diagnostic solution that detects and diagnoses the causes of abnormal vibration in major rotational equipment such as turbines and generators. The strengthened vibration monitoring function, the vibration signal analysis and diagnostic function using the DAS have been added to DOOVES 2.0 to upgrade the existing functions. With these additional functions, users can detect the abnormal status of rotational equipment and take corrective action against vibration-related problems.

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Our Aspiration & Core Values

Our Aspiration & Core Values

The Doosan Credo is a set of principles that represent our philosophies and unique way of doing business. These principles have been the foundation of Doosan’s success for the past century. The Credo consists of Doosan’s “Aspiration” and “Core Values”.



At Doosan, people are the most important asset. When our people grow, Doosan will grow. Join the Doosan team and get ready to achieve.

Brand Cues

Brand Cues

Brand cues stand for all the methods of expression that Doosan employs to deliver its brand, including its logo, corporate identity, slogans, and communication activities.

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