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    Youth Energy Project (Talent development per growth stage)

    Customized to each stage of growth from childhood to adolescence, the Youth Energy Project helps youths grow to become talented individuals.

    Guided by the mission of improving future competitiveness of communities and corporate value through strategic social contribution activities and the business-oriented and community-focused principles, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction maintains programs aimed at fostering talent, helping the underprivileged and serving local communities.

    사회공헌 체계 사회공헌 체계
    사회공헌 체계도
    Become a company respected by communities through a blueprint that can enhance community
    competitiveness while establishing Doosan’s social contribution identity that instills pride in Doosan people.
    Business Oriented
    - Promote employee engagement with the aim of increasing
    Doosan’s core values driven by its talent-oriented business
    Community Focused
    - Promote engagement of various stakeholder groups with
    the aim of fundamentally resolving community issues
    Brand Name
    Youth Energy Project is a generic brand name for the company’s social contribution
    programs customized for each stage of talent development under its talent-oriented
    business philosophy.
    Key Activities
    Talent Development
    • - Sisterhood ties with Changwon
      Science High School
    • - “Doosan Class,” a college-industry
      cooperative program
    • - M. Y. Dream(Make Your Dream) Youth career developing team
    • - Theme program for child welfare
    • - Doosan Science Day
    • - Donation of reference books
    • - Youth Energy Project Contest
    • - Vocational training for the
    • - Scholarship-private institution
      tuition fee matching for
      low-income families
    • - Donation of school uniforms
    • - Made alliance with Gyeongnam Hyerim School
    Focus AreasYouth Energy Project
    Support for the Underprivileged
    • - Donations to sister child welfare
    • - Sponsorship for Kkum Kkum Tta
    • - Korean Red Cross “Dasarang
    • - Donation of kimchi
    • - Donations to Beautiful Store
    • - Clean House
    • - Watching Doosan Bears games
    • - Visits to social welfare facilities
    • - Programs in partnership with
      social welfare centers
    • - Soccer class for children
    Support AreasDoosan Community Blueprint
    Community-focused Projects
    • - Doosan Family Festival/Concert
    • - Youth protection campaign
    • - Changwon Science Center
    • - One Company-Seven Village
    • - Cleaning in the Masan Bay
    • - Disaster relief and community
      event support
    • - Blood donation campaign
    • - Respect for Life campaign for
      Changwon citizens
    • - Changwon City Energy Up project
    Basic AreasDoosan Community Blueprint