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CSR Guide Line for Suppliers

CSR Guide Line for Suppliers

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction seeks to attain sustainable growth by fulfilling its social responsibilities and retaining the company’s competitiveness through concord (INHWA), customer oriented business philosophy, transparent management and innovation. In order to achieve this, Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction has established the following 『CSR Guide Line for Suppliers』 based on the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact in Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption, where all suppliers of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction are obligated to comply. And we ask you to promote it as a sustainable procurement policy for your suppliers.

Human Rights

Health & Safety

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall understand the importance of providing a safe work environment in order to prevent accidents and hazards, which will help improve the quality of products while enabling continuity in production and boosting employee morale. Hence, the Suppliers are required to comply with applicable laws, regulations and establish preventive procedures against industrial accidents and diseases by providing a healthy work place, sanitary facilities, adequate lighting and ventilation to their employees. Also, it is necessary to provide training in the state case of emergencies pertaining to fire and escape in order to minimize risks from potential damage within the work area and residency halls.

Working conditions and Wages

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall comply with and honor standard working hours, minimum wages, overtime pay, benefits package and any other relevant protocols regulated by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Employees shall be granted performance-based pay, minimum welfare and any other remuneration for which they qualify in accordance with the governing law.

Harassment Prevention

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall treat their employees with respect and not use any forms of punishment, sexual harassment, violent threats or physical, sexual, psychological abuse. Any employees reporting infringement against this guideline or law, with good intention, shall be guaranteed not to be subjected to retaliation.

Employee Privacy

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall protect all employees’ personal information and their privacy. If human resource related information needs to be collected, it shall be for fair and legitimate reasons.


Freedom of Association

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall recognize the right of employees to organize a lawful and non-violent union for their collective bargaining without punishment or unlawful interference.

Child Labour

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries shall not adopt or use child labour. “Child” means a child under the minimum employment age or one who has not completed mandatory local education, and any Supplier who employs a person less than 18 years of age, shall comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to youth employment.

Forced Labour

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall comply with the law against employment of any forms of involuntary labour such as slavery and human trafficking. Also, there will be no benefits from forced and involuntary labour.

No Discrimination

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries shall not unethically discriminate against their employees. In particular, no discrimination shall be made relating to general employment terms such as compensation, benefits, promotion, discipline, termination, or retirement. The same applies to the recruitment process and discrimination based on race, religion, age, nationality, social, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, political views and disability will not be practiced.


Environmental Protection and Pollution Control

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall comply with environmental laws and regulations, ensuring effective measures discharge minimal waste, waste water and air pollutants in any process, and ensure that environmental pollution remains at its minimal.



Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall not partake in bribery, embezzlement, and corruption-related acts. In addition, Supplier shall not bribe, through gifts, money, entertainment, hospitality or any other unethical practices, the employees of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction seeking favorable or preferential treatment.

Compliance with the Law

Every Supplier of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction shall not partake in violating the Fair Trade Acts such as bid rigging and price agreements, and will ensure compliance with local law, national law and international law. Product pricing, sales, distribution and safety related regulations are subject to national and international law, convention and industry standards.

Publish and Compliance

It is every Supplier’s duty to fully understand and comply with these Guidelines to deal with Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. Suppliers shall enable their employees can easily view these Guidelines, and notify the provisions of these Guidelines to all their employees who work in relation to Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. In addition, any actions that could violate these Guidelines can be reported via the Win-Win Call Center (080-069-5000) of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. If these Guidelines are more stringent compared to national or international law, then the Supplier shall comply with these Guidelines. However, if a conflict occurs between these Guidelines and local, national or international law, the Supplier shall comply with local, national or international law.

Monitoring and Compliance

An agent or official designated by Doosan Heavy Industries may visit the sites of a Supplier to check the compliance status pertaining to the Guidelines, and the Supplier is required to demonstrate compliance with these Guidelines for work associated with Doosan Heavy Industries, which is to be maintained within their operations.

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