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  • EHS Policy
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  • EHS Policy
  • EHS Management System
  • Green Management
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    EHS Policy

    1. 1. Fully comply with all relevant EHS Laws and continuously enhance the business environment based on the EHS management system.
    2. 2. To conserve the environment through reducing the pollutant and Greenhouse Gases emission and developing eco-friendly products by the Green Management Principle.
    3. 3. Maintain a clean workplace and promote healthy lifestyle participation and maintain our facilities and working environment in the best conditions and practices.
    4. 4. To build an autonomous safety system of continuous development, through training, to discover potential risks proactively. and to subsidize safety workshop to pre-emptive prevention activities before uninstalling.
    5. 5. Implement the EHS policy giving the highest priority to the value of EHS in all business activities, and to publish transparently to stakeholders.