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    Green Management

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction operates an EHS-based green management system and endeavors to effectively respond to climate changes and industrial waste issues by actively recycling resources. The company also sends its green management professionals to its overseas manufacturing sites to systematically promote green management. To emerge as a “Global top-tier player in energy & environment,” the company established a mid-to-long-term green management roadmap.

    Global Top Tier Player in Energy & Environment
    Establish an advanced and scientific people/nature-oriented green management system and
    support sustainable growth as a top-tier solution partner to add synergy to the achievements in energy and environment
    Strategic Goals
    Risk Management
    Put in place integrated energy and environment system and process
    Disseminate green technology to improve energy and environment performance
    Core Values
    Team Work/Net Work
    Operational excellence
    Paradigm shift in entrepreneurship
    Value creation
    Customer satisfaction
    Establish a system to collect
    domestic and international
    regulation and legal developments
    Adopt advanced and
    scientific systems and processes
    Green technology standardization
    Establish an internal
    risk management system
    Foster global energy /
    environment experts
    Green production system

    Climate Change Response

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has set up an organization dedicated to active climate change response and established a mid to long-term roadmap for each phase. The company aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7.6% (emission target of 403,000 tCO2 (Greenhouse gas emissions)) from the “Business-as-Usual” level by 2020. To reach this target, the company actively promotes energy-saving activities such as improvement of energy consumption structure and improvement of per-unit energy consumption at the corporate level and is working to switch fuels and introduce new and renewable energy in the future for further per-unit improvement.
    *BAU: Normal execution of operations without considering greenhouse gas reduction

    Climate Change Response

    Reduction target in 2010 (from the 2020 BAU level)

    2010년 녹색법제정 단계1, 2012년 목표관리제 단계2에서 효율개선 & 조기감축실적 2015년 탄소 배출권 거래제 단계3에서 신재생에너지 및 신기술 적용 2020년 BAU대비 -7.6% 탄소배출 감축목표

    Green Procurement

    In its commitment to green production and consumption, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction signed a voluntary agreement on green purchasing with the government to expand its purchasing of green and environmentally-friendly products. The company established green procurement guidelines in 2011 which enables it to use its ERP System in conjunction with the Green Energy Monitoring System (GEMS) from the beginning of procurement and monitor improvement results.

    Green Procurement

    그린구매 프로세스

    발의부서, 집행부서, 통합구매팀에서 진행되며, 발의부서에서는 투자심사, 투자발의, 집행부서에서는 사전영향평가, 보전계획,보전품의,구매요청,입고/검수,실적관리, 통합구매팀에서는 발주를 진행합니다. *두산중공업의 친환경 상품 : 친환경마크인증제춤, 우수재활용마크제품, 에너지절약마크인증제품,유해물질저감물품 및 폐기물저감물품
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    • Investment Proposal
    • Execution
    • Preliminary
      Preservation Plan
    • Preservation Consultation
    • Purchase Request
    • Goods Receipt/Inspection Result Management
    • Central Purchasing Team
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    * Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction’s eco-friendly products include eco-mark certified products, Good Recycled Mark certified products, E-Mark certified products and other products with a reduction in hazardous substances and waste.