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Thank you for your interest in Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.
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Agreement for Personal Information Collection and Usage

Doosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., provides the following information when collecting your personal information pursuant to the relevant statutes, including the Act on the Promotion of ICT Network or Protection of Information and the Personal Information Protection Act (you are asked to agree or disagree to the following after reading them carefully and understanding all details):

1. Purposes of collection or use of personal information
– For replying to questions about or requests for products or services or providing useful information

2. Items of personal information

[Essential items]
- Name
- E-mail address
- Phone number
- Company name

3. Items that are not collected

We will not collect your unique identification information including resident registration number and driver’s license number, or information on your ideology, political affiliation, status of your health or other sensitive information pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act unless you consent to such in advance.

4. Holding period and use

- For up to 5 years from the day we collect your personal information

We will use the personal information you provide only for the purpose stated above and in compliance with the law, and will destroy such information after attaining said purpose or upon the termination of the holding period and use, unless required otherwise by the law. When you request for the destruction of the personal information you have provided, we will comply immediately unless required otherwise by the law.

5. Your right to refuse to allow our collection of your personal information

You have the right to refuse to allow our collection and use of your personal information. Please note, however, that your refusal to allow our collection and use of the essential information stated in Item 1 above may result in some disadvantages concerning your use of the services we provide.

Having duly read and understood the foregoing, I, the undersigned, hereby consent to your collection and use of my private information.
Please make a decision on acceptance of collecting and using your personal
information after fully understanding the written consent below.