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  • Cultivating People
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  • HR System
  • Cultivating People
  • Welfare and Benefits
  • Meet Our People
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    Cultivating People

    Doosan believes that sustainable performance can only be made possible by the “Right People". Therefore, the growth of our people takes top priority over all other motivations for investment. Each individual employee reflects deeply on how they can grow and exercise their abilities most effectively, while the company provides abundant opportunities for self-development to support their growth.

    HR Development System

    Doosan values leadership and professionalism equally. Each member sets up a growth plan in accordance with his or her strengths and capabilities, and takes part in diverse training courses appropriate to their growth path.

    Cultivating Proud Doosan People

    HR Development System

    Doosan Leadership College

    Courses consist of unique leadership courses that reflect the Doosan Credo and traits of Doosan people and business courses designed to build up troubleshooting ability and business acumen .

    “Foster leaders who do business the Doosan Way”
    • Orientation Program
      (Foster true Doosan people who internalize the values of the Doosan Way)
    • Anchor Program
      (Learn the Doosan way to work and think)
    • Build-up Program
      (Enhance/supplement individual DCM capabilities)
    • Biz. Management Program
      (Improve business acumen of all employees)

    Doosan Professional College

    Systematic courses are provided to build knowledge and know-how needed to perform duties and foster experts in each business function.

    “Foster experts with underlying competitiveness”
    • Foundation Program
      (Basic business knowledge to foster job experts)
    • Expert Program
      (Job training by business function and growth stage)
    • Global Program
      (Global communication skill development)
    • Faculty Program
      (In-house instructor and facilitator development)
    • Essential Program
      (Essential rules and mindset training)